Fabulous Find!

Maybe it’s just me, but when I find something that makes life a little easier, I get excited!

I discovered the “already chopped and packaged” onions in the produce section quite some time ago. I LOVE them, because, although I like chopping things in general, I HATE chopping onions. You can probably guess why: not only do they burn my eyes, but I always feel like my hands smell of onion smell long after I wash them multiple times.

Most everything else I chop on the cutting board or use my mini chopper for. What’s a mini chopper? Something like this:


I LOVE mine! But my new discovery trumps even this!


Can you see it? It’s already chopped green pepper, celery AND onion! All together and ready to go!

Laugh if you will, but I had never seen this before, I was quite excited about it! (The produce stock boy can confirm my story!) I used it in dinner last night and saved SO much time!

So I just wanted to share, in case anyone out there hasn’t seen this before, and wants to save some time on chopping!

Any fabulous finds YOU want to share?


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