Hello, New Neighbors!

Sometimes I really think I was born in the wrong time period. I would be totally comfy as one of those fabulous 1950’s housewives, I really would! But then I start thinking and I realize I would probably miss all my technology. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to have this blog!

Things that made me think this way: new neighbors. We had met three of our new neighbors, and had waved to several others, but that was about it. We were pretty close to our neighbors at our other place, and we’re the type of people who just like to know our neighbors. We figure, if you’ve got to leave near people, you might as well have a good relationship with them, right?

Yes, I am TOTALLY the woman who is going to bake you a pie and introduce herself to you when you move into the neighborhood. (I’m actually planning on that right now, as there are new folks moving in catty-cornered from us now.) But I wasn’t sure if it would work the other way around or not.

“Hi, we’re the people who just moved in. Nice to meet you. Please have some cookies on us.”

So I went on Pinterest. (Surprise surprise, right?)

And I found these cool “Hello New Neighbor” tags that were pinned from Embellish. I thought they would work – what do you think?


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Over the Weekend

You know those weekends where you get TONS of stuff accomplished? Yeah, you’re tired on Monday, but it was really worth it, right? Had one of those this past weekend!

Well, first of all, we had my parents for dinner on Thursday night and my husband’s parents for dinner on Friday night. They had helped us so much with the move and with fixing all those little things around the house – we wanted to take time to thank them with special meals! (That, and we wanted them to be able to just enjoy the house without having to do anything!)

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17 Apps for a Digital Spring Cleaning (Part 1)

One of my friends emailed me the other day with 17 apps that can be used for doing a “digital” Spring Cleaning! I wanted to share with you all. You may only use one or two of these, but there are some great ones here, that’s for sure! And since 17 apps is a LOT…I’m breaking it down. Part II will be on Monday!


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Why are you holding on to all that JUNK?

I recently saw an article in Ladies’ Home Journal called “The Clutter Problem”. Obviously it jumped off the page at me, because I really despise clutter.

This is how much I despise clutter: if I sit down on the couch in the evening and I see something that needs to be put away or dealt with, I’m literally right back up. That means that oftentimes, my husband literally has to beg me to come sit down with him on the couch, not because I don’t want to, but because clutter is THAT distracting to me! That’s just how my brain works – if it sees something needing doing, it must DO!

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Made from Scratch vs. The Box

Are you the “I made this from scratch” type of person when it comes to cooking and baking? Or would you rather create something quick and easy, right from “the box”?

For me, it depends on a few different things…

For example:

If I’m in the type of a mood where I’m happy and confident, I’ll try anything. I’d be most likely to do something “from scratch” and not really be too worried about the outcome – I’d just try my best.

However, if I’m in one of my “good grief, I can’t do ANYTHING right” moods, then I’d go for “the box” and forget it.

Now, if I’m pressed for time, I’ll go for “the box”. If not, I might try it “from scratch”.

And sometimes “the box” is cheaper than “from scratch”.

But the thing I’ve found out about “from scratch” stuff is that you probably already have everything in your kitchen needed to make it!

Case in point: last night I made home-made from scratch brownies for a friend. See?


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