Bathroom Closet Organization

So, we have this closet in our master bathroom, a really nice-sized closet, actually. I wasn’t sure the exact purpose I would delegate it for, but I think I’ve figured it out!

Here’s some “before” pics, from right when we moved in.


Just a bunch of essentials stuffed in there haphazardly.


The reason for so many bins (besides the fact that I LOVE bins, ha!) was that, in the apartment, we only had the under-the-sink (under ONE sink) area in the bathroom for storage – that was it. I contained everything so it would all fit!


It was pretty hard to find things before I organized this space.


Of course, we have to put THAT awful thing somewhere!

Finished product?


Top shelf…


Middle shelf…


Bottom shelf…




Yes, we put the litter box in the closet…simply because we couldn’t find another good spot in the house to place it. We leave the door cracked, and she comes and goes as she pleases. What’s really funny is when one of us uses the bathroom and she decides she needs to go at the same time!

Whatcha think? Organized enough? Do you have any closet organization tips for me? I’ve love to hear them! I DO have several more closets to work on, after all!

If you need more inspiration, check this out: this post is linked up over at Organizing Home Life, and over at the lovely Mary Organizes, with tons of other awesome posts! Take a few moments and pay them a visit!


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