The Debut of Printables from The Road to Domestication!

I LOVE a good printable! It’s always a sure-fire way to get me to read a blog, if I get a free printable out of it! I have TONS of them, however, sometimes they don’t quite give me what I need. Perhaps I need another column here, or a notes section there, or more reference space at the top rather than at the bottom…you know how it goes.

So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of creating my own printables (in my free time, of course! HA! Whatever that is…) and last week I actually did it! Once I created one, I had a few trusted advisors check it out, and made a few changes based on their opinions.

I’ve ended up with THREE printables at once this time around, and I’m pretty excited about them! However, I want to know what YOU think!

So, here’s what I’ve got for everyone:

  1. Party Plan Printable
  2. Decoration Details Printable
  3. Guest Gathering Printable

You can use them as a set, or you can use them separately, whichever works best for you! Here they are!

Party Plan Printable

Party Plan Printable

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My Perplexing Planner Predicament


How’s THAT for alliteration? (Took me a bit to come up with it, but it describes how I’m feeling perfectly!)

Do you happen to recall the post I did a while back on calendars? (HERE IT IS, in case you want to revisit it.) I basically talked about my calendar system: what I use, how I sync everything and how I keep it all organized. It was working beautifully. WAS would be the key word.

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Backyard Dreamin’

We literally have a blank canvas for a backyard right now, which is pretty exciting! But also very…confusing. What to do, what to do?

Our house is on a corner lot, so I think we have a bit more space than others around us in the subdivision, and there’s nothing in the backyard at all…but it’s also not fenced in. Making our two biggest outside projects on “The Master House To-Do List” fencing in the back yard and pressure washing/re-painting the house. And once the fence is up, anything goes! So I’ve been doing a little dreaming. Tell me what ya think of my jumbled ideas!

Let me add that we already have a screened-in back patio that we LOVE. We also have a brick patio off the screened-in patio that will turn into more of an entertainment area (fire pit, etc.). That’s why you won’t see those kinds of ideas in this entry!

On Gardening…

I’m not the best gardener, that’s for sure, but I love the “idea” of gardening. (I know, that doesn’t help much, does it?) But I’d really like to try to make a concentrated effort at least once more before I give up completely, ya know?

Herb garden in sunken pots: I would love to use more fresh herbs in my cooking than dried and bottled, but this is lots of work!


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Around the House Organization Part II

So here we go with Part II of the Around the House Organization post. Remember, I’m taking a little walk around my house and photographing some of the “organizational items” I have in play, just to show you how easy it can be! In fact, you probably have some of these things in your home already! I’ll tell you a little bit about my thought process and reasoning, as we go along.

Let’s continue on in the kitchen.


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