The Sunshine Award!

Well, I’ve been doing this lil’ blog for a little over 2 years, and I’m happy to accept an award for it today! The Sunshine Award!


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Easy Chicken Pot Pie!

Everyone probably has their favorite recipe for Chicken Pot Pie, but I wanted to share mine with you, because it’s a little bit different, but it’s SO yummy and REALLY easy! I made some over the weekend and the hubby was thrilled, as usual. (It’s one of his faves!)

This one’s saved in my handy-dandy custom cookbook!


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As normally happens with me, I came across a need for a printable, and I couldn’t find a printable that fit my need. So I made my own! And I decided I’d like to share it with you, too!

We have folks over for dinner a lot. We really enjoy it, but sometimes, depending on the people (or the number of people), I need a little more than just an idea in my head of what I’m cooking. I like to see everything in front of me…but I don’t like it all scribbled out. I like it to be nice and organized and pretty. So, allow me to introduce to you, the Dinner Menu:

Dinner Menu

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A Trip to World Market

I first learned of World Market from Emily over at Decor Chick. In one of her posts she was listing details of her husband’s birthday party, and she posted a pic from World Market, where she had visited for supplies. Immediately I Googled the store, feeling sure there wasn’t one anywhere around me, since I had never heard of it, but hoping…just hoping…

Just over an hour away from me, I located one. Wow! I was excited! I told my husband that night that I wanted to go to World Market. It was a new store I had discovered, I said. I got an eye roll…until I pulled up the website and showed it to him. He decided he might want to tag along. So, a couple Saturdays ago, we headed out.

We found this particular World Market in a HUGE beautiful new shopping center in Winter Garden. TONS of other stores – it was totally worth the drive!

When we entered World Market, we found out not only that they have a lovely rewards/coupon program, but they even do events in the store (they were doing a wine tasting that particular day)! How fun! It was pretty busy in there, but not so busy that you couldn’t move around and see all the treasures they had to offer.

At our store, when you walk in, looking to the right you can see just about any kind of gift packaging that you can imagine.


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