Back to School Blog Hop Round-Up

Have you enjoyed the last two weeks of the Back to School Blog Hop with the Blogging Buddies?


We have all had SO MUCH FUN doing this!!!

Today belongs to Michelle Knight over at Moms Are Frugal! She’s talking about Homeschooling, and how to start ON TIME! Check out her post HERE!

But I also wanted to make sure I placed all of these links in one post for you, so all the information we’ve put together is right at your fingertips! Here we go!

Week 1

August 19 – Going off to school for the first time (Esther @ Townships Mum)
August 20 – Back to School Lunch Ideas (Dana @ Prudent Wisdom)
August 21 – Going Back to Virtual School (Christine @ Virtually Speaking World)
August 22 – Back to school Organizing (Kristen @ The Road to Domestication) <— That’s me!
August 23 – Back to School Online Sales (Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog)

Week 2

August 26 – Review/Giveaway of Montessori At Home ebook (Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog)
August 27 – Back to School Supper Ideas (Misty @ Denverista)
August 28 – Teacher Appreciation Gifts (Dana @ Prudent Wisdom)
August 29  (Two Post Special!!)
Back to School Book Activity/Printable (Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog
Start Back to School Stress Free (checklist!) (Nicole @ Oberbargin)
August 30 – Homeschool/Starting school on time Ideas (Michelle @ Moms are Frugal)

Thanks so much for following along with us! We hope to do another fun blog hop soon!

Oh, and since it’s Labor Day Weekend, I happen to be off work on Monday, so I’m taking the day off of blogging, too 🙂 See ya back here on Tuesday!


An Organized Trunk

It’s a special day on the Back to School Blog Hop – TWO awesome posts for you today!

Heather at Golden Reflections shares: A Back to School Activity and Printable
Nicole at Ober Bargain shares: Back to School – Your Stress-Free Guide

Check these ladies out!


(Originally published on October 9, 2012)

This has become somewhat of a running joke between a few of my friends – Kristen’s “Trunk Baskets”. But some are honestly interested in the process, so, here goes!

Several years back, when I was a full-time college student, “nannying” for triplets and their baby brother (all boys), directing the Kid’s Choir at church, singing in the the adult choir at church, leading worship for the College & Career Group at church, freelance writing for Focus Magazine, and attempting to still  have time with family and friends, not only was I in my car more than any other place, but I was LOSING things left and right. There was just too much stuff for all my activities to keep up with. It really was ridiculous, and I was so tired of feeling unorganized every single day!

Sooo…to The Dollar Tree I went, and I purchased 6 plastic bins/baskets. Of course, back then each bin was assigned a different task than today’s, but the basic idea was, anything for school went in the school bin. Anything for “nannying” went in the nanny bin, anything for writing went in the writing bin, and so on and so forth. Worked like a charm! Plus, it freed me from having “stuff” slide all over my back-seat every time I made a turn…I REALLY hate that!

Yes, I still employ this system today! Check it out!


1. Shopping & Errands (You can see the re-uasble shopping bags there now, but if I have any items that need to be returned, or I’m trying to match fabric etc., all that goes here)
2. Action Items (This is pleasantly empty at the moment, but if I am running food to a new mom or clothes to the seamstress, etc. here’s where these things go)
3. Emergency Items (First Aid Kit, spare pens and paper, air fresheners, sewing kit…it all goes here)

4. Photography (You can see my camera bag here now ready for today’s shoot – what you can’t see is the packet of proofs that’s underneath the camera bag, ready to be delivered)

5. Clever Container (As you may notice, I have an envelope here, ready to be delivered to a hostess today)

6. Work (This is the basket I carry in to my full time job and then back home with me every day – my briefcase of sorts. Don’t you love the lunch box???)

7. I like to leave some space open for whatever may come up! And, generally, all of these bins can be stacked in one row across the back and leave room for larger items, like packages I’ve picked up or groceries I’ve made a run for.

It’s also great to look back and see how many of these baskets are empty at the end of the day. That makes me feel accomplished! And it works the other way, too – a quick reminder of what I still need to get done!

I hope this is helpful for everyone! It’s very easy to toss whatever is needed into its corresponding basket, and then, I know exactly where it is! No more losing things in the car, wohoo!

What does YOUR trunk look like?

New Additions

Are you ready for today’s Back to School Blog Hop? Visit Dana over at Prudent Wisdom for today’s post on Teacher Appreciation Gifts! (That’s a good one!)

Back in June I did a post called “New Additions”. I described it like this:

As we get more and more settled in our new home, I pick up things in my free time (HA! What the heck is FREE TIME?!) and add them to our house. Thought I’d start sharing those with y’all! Maybe you’ll get some good ideas, and maybe you can give me some good ideas, too! Note: I don’t bring things into the house unless I LOVE them. I don’t see a point in being surrounded by “stuff”, much less stuff that I think is “just okay”.

I had a lot of great responses on that post (read the original one HERE) so I thought I’d do another one! (Since I’m still adding things, it seems!)

1. Master Bedroom accent


Right now almost ALL of my jewelry is in that box you see. My earrings (that don’t match any other pieces specifically) are in the tiny Willow Tree dish, and that picture is one of my faves of the two of us. But…do you see anything else? Mainly…



I first saw this in Hobby Lobby months ago, and it was $24.99. I LOVED it, and I knew it would look great in our bedroom. But I wasn’t paying that much for it! A couple weeks ago, it was marked down and on clearance for $8! Heck yeah!

Love it because…

  • Ummm…clearance!
  • It matches PERFECTLY
  • I really love how it looks like a piece of paisley! (I LOVE paisley!!!)

2. Kitchen

Notice anything?


You guessed it!


My fabulous birthday present! So pretty!

Love it because…

  • I’ve wanted one forever!!!
  • It matches the kitchen
  • I can’t wait for the holiday baking to come around!

Also in the kitchen…


I added this candle pedestal (from Big Lots) to the top of the cabinets. I’m always adding things (as I find them) up here.


Kinda mix-and-match, but I like it like that!

3. Back porch

Let me tell you about this DEAL! I walked into Home Depot looking for something totally different, and saw this set (umbrella included but not pictured) for $71 bucks!!! I kid you NOT! I was so excited – I took a pic and sent it to my hubby and he immediately agreed that he wanted it. We’d been looking for a set for a while (we want to be able to eat out on the back porch) and the costs were just ridiculous. But this…


…was perfect!

Why I love it…

  • Fantastic deal
  • I was able to put it together myself!
  • Can be moved from the porch to the patio easily

4. Dining Room

You know I’ve been trying to get the dining room together (CLICK HERE FOR THAT POST!) and I think I’ve finally figured out what I’m going to do, but that’s for another post. Here is the pretty new centerpiece I decided on!


Why I love it…

  • It inspired my new theme
  • The flowers match my china PERFECTLY
  • I can’t kill it

5. The Project Room

Remember, this is the room that doesn’t really have a purpose yet. So it’s kind of…multi-purpose! And we really needed this!


What I love about it…

  • It was a great deal
  • It was MUCH NEEDED, so I was happy to find something that met my budget
  • It’s fantastic to be able to go in the Project Room and work out, instead of having to leave the house

6. The Office

I’ve added a few things to our office!


See the bunting? My fabulous cousin designed it for me – yeah, she makes them! If you want one designed for YOU, let me know!


So pretty, right?

We also added some cute salt-and-pepper shakers to my hubby’s Coca Cola collection!


And I finally finished my receipt jars! (CLICK HERE FOR THE POST ON THIS PROJECT!)


What I love about it…

  • It’s really coming together!
  • I really like the customized touches!
  • I feel like there’s more room to improve upon

7. The Guest Bathroom

I’ve added quite a lot to the Guest Bathroom (CLICK HERE TO SEE) but this is one of my favorites:


I originally didn’t think I needed a shower curtain in here…until we had house guests on the way, and I thought, with six of them coming, it might be nice for a little extra privacy.

What I love about it…

  • It really brings the room together
  • I LOVE the color combination
  • It really feels fresh and clean

I think that’s it for now – what have YOU added to your home? I’d love to see!

Stoked About South Beach!

The Back to School Blog Hop is still going strong! Today we’re over at Misty’s blog, Denverista! Check out her post on Back to School Supper Ideas, plus a PRINTABLE!

Okay, well…maybe I’m not exactly “stoked” about South Beach. Right now I’m suffering from a headache. I’m just not sure that “stoked” is it, but it makes for a cool blog title, so I’m running with it!

Almost two weeks ago, my hubby decided on a Wednesday evening that he was going to do the South Beach Diet…the next day. He was going to start it the next day. Which meant that I was going to fore go the menu for the rest of the week and start cooking South Beach. And since I wasn’t about to cook two meals…guess what?! I was going on South Beach, too!

Oh, we had some discussion that night, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Now, let me clarify. My husband has gained about 12 pounds since we got married. And I wish I could say that 12 pounds is ALL I have gained…but that would be VERY wrong. Maybe it was the switch from an active job to a desk job. Maybe it was the cancellation of the gym membership. Maybe it was the birth control. Maybe it was getting older. Maybe it’s that gluten free (which I have to eat) has more sugar in it to make things taste better. Maybe it was just pure laziness. I’m not entirely sure. But I have NEVER weighed this much in my life. I’ve been mumbling about it but not really doing anything about it. And getting a bit frustrated, if I’m being completely honest.

And while I’m being honest, I’m a little agitated that HE wants to lose weight. Because, let’s face it, ladies, men can lose the weight like it’s NOTHING. It really is sickening. We have to work and work and kill ourselves trying to drop a few pounds, and it’s just ridiculously easy for the men! Grrr!!!

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Over the Weekend…and the Tale of Ruts in Our Front Yard


Don’t forget, our Back to School Blog Hop is still in full swing! Check out Heather’s post today at Golden Reflections, giveaway included! CLICK HERE!

Well, another weekend has come and gone! They seem to get shorter and shorter, don’t they?! The good thing is, this next weekend is Labor Day Weekend! Woot woot! (I hope all of you are rejoicing with three days off as I am!)

Our weekend was full of fun, faith and foolery. Oh yes. Allow me to explain.

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