Coming Soon…

Coming soon (next week, in fact!) to The Road to Domestication is our First Annual Christmas Home Tour!


I’m so excited and so nervous about this one! I’m excited because I have hand-selected homes of ladies I know who do an amazing job decorating for Christmas, and I know they will inspire you to make your home amazing this Christmas, too! I’m nervous because I normally like to have these things completely put together and ready to roll the week before they begin…and as of right now I’m still visiting homes and photographing them! AH! So we’ll see how this works out. It may be something that I don’t ever do again, HA! Or it may be something that everyone looks forward to every year. So y’all just bear with me! Either way, I’m still mostly excited! I hope you are, too!

Also, today I’m featured over at Keep it Simple, Make it Great! Thanks to the lovely Paula for having me! Make sure you CLICK HERE to head on over and check it out!

Lastly, I hope all of you crazies who are out for Black Friday are getting some good deals! I’m home decorating for Christmas! You’ll see soon enough!



Happiest of Thanksgivings to You!


If you were to peek in the windows of my house at any given time of the morning or afternoon today, you might see me multitasking in the kitchen, making sure the table is set just so, or perhaps even running around like a chicken with my head cut off! HA!

And if you peek in the windows at my parents house tonight, you’ll probably see me doing just about the same things.

But I can guarantee you this – if you came to my home or my parents home for Thanksgiving, you would witness a few more things. You’d see light in the eyes of the elderly as they watch the young ones be young. You’d see the kids bouncing around, even if the excitement is over a little bit of homemade apple pie. You’d hear a lot of noise, see a lot of laughter, and I guarantee that you’d feel a lot of love. ‘Cause that’s just how we do things.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I think it’s a combination of a few things that makes it so: I love that the weather in Florida is starting to change, I love that it’s not commercialized like Christmas has become, and I love that all the scary Halloween commercials are gone and that the awesome Publix commercials are back. I LOVE PUBLIX COMMERCIALS. Have you seen their Thanksgiving one this year?


I love that line at the end that says, “Here’s to the day that may not always be flawless…but it’s always perfect.” That’s so my life! HA! But it’s so true!

So that’s my wish for you today, as we all pause from our craziness to remember everything we’ve been blessed with. And no matter what folks may see when they look in your windows, we know it’s still gonna be perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Thanksgiving Menu FREE Printable!

Hey, y’all! Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? I’m almost there! Today I’ll be getting the house in order and making sure I didn’t forget anything at the store and trying to cook a few things ahead of time! Good times!

Almost every time we have a big family dinner, it’s pot-luck style. (Everyone brings something or is assigned an item to bring.) Thanksgiving is no different, except this year, Jerrod and I will be having Thanksgiving lunch at our house for his family and then we’ll be headed to my parent’s for Thanksgiving dinner with them and more of the family. Not to mention the food I made for his team’s party at work. Needless to say, it all ran together a little bit – I didn’t even get to make the neighbors anything!

When I start to get overwhelmed, I write things down. Then I can see it all in black and white, and then I know what needs to be done. However, I also like to write it on something pretty! Hence, today’s Thanksgiving Menu Printable!

Thanksgiving Menu

Whatcha think? There are spaces to write the dish, and a space to remind everyone who was in charge of bringing it! Mine is already filled out an don our fridge, but I hope you can make use of this one to help you organize your day! CLICK HERE if you’d like to download it!

Happy prepping to all of you!

Over the Weekend…a day late…


Normally I do this lil’ “Over the Weekend” post on Monday, but, since I had a guest post up yesterday, I moved this around a bit. Now…

I must admit, I was half dreading this weekend and half totally excited for it.

I was dreading it because I had scheduled 6 photo shoots, and I was thinking that I might have lost my mind. What if I got sick? What if something happened to the car? What if what it what if…I was driving myself nuts!

I was totally excited for it because family pictures photo shoots are my faves, and all of them that were scheduled were family photo shoots!

And let me preface the following list by saying that, on Wednesday of last week, my throat was a little scratchy. On Thursday, my nose was a little stuffy. On Friday I was coughing, and by Saturday, I was in the throes of a sinus infection that had resulted from an allergy attack.

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping (all the way through the week, including all the items for Thanksgiving meals and for our house guests and for my husband’s team at work)
  • Photography equipment prepped and loaded into my car

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • 4 photo shoots in 2 different cities
  • Downloading all photo shoots, and culling and editing one photo shoot

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Culling and editing two more photo shoots
  • Performing two more photo shoots

Seriously, that’s all I did was photo shoots. And Saturday was ROUGH. But I made it through, thanks to my hubby and the grace of God, literally. And, I’ve got to say, I have some pretty amazing clients!!!

Looking to the week ahead, don’t think that just because it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m not feeling so hot and I’ve got company coming that the blog will be quiet. Oh no, there’s LOTS going on here!

Tomorrow I will have a free Thanksgiving Menu printable for you!
Thursday I’ll have a special Thanksgiving message for you!
Friday I’ll have yet another Guest Post and a special reminder!

Don’t miss it!
So…you know what I’m going to ask…what did YOU do over the weekend?

Cyber Monday and More!

Hello, all, and Happy Monday! Just a regular Monday this is, but in one week exactly, it will be Cyber Monday!


Oh. What’s Cyber Monday, you ask?

Cyber Monday is MY Black Friday. I just don’t have the patience to deal with all the crazy folk out there who will break a leg for a Tickle Me Elmo. I’m sorry. I just can’t do it.

SO, on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) with my previously-prepared list, I sit down and do ALL my Christmas shopping online. In my pajamas. With a cup of hot chocolate and in the span of about 30 minutes. Then, for the next two weeks, gifts simply arrive at my door. I wrap them and place them under the tree. It’s quite the system. (And yes, I get some great deals, and even some free shipping!)

If you’ve never heard of Cyber Monday before, or you don’t know how to get started, visit for all the details!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that. You’ll thank me later. Promise!

And also, today I am guest-blogging over at Called to be a Mom for the lovely Jill. My topic today is called Hosting Out-of-Town Guests AND Thanksgiving Dinner and you can find it by clicking HERE! I do hope you enjoy it!

That’s it for this Monday, folks! The regular “Over the Weekend” post is slated for tomorrow, and there’s lots of great stuff going on this week here on The Road to Domestication!