The Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf!

Well, I’ve procrastinated a bit with the Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf this time, due to the fact that I’m not even totally sure that’s it’s complete! Ever had one of those projects that you had a direction for, but you just couldn’t get it to come together in a satisfactory manner? Yeah. That’s me with this! So we’ll see what everyone thinks…maybe you can help me out a bit with it!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about with a Holiday Shelf, CLICK HERE for my original post on the old blog on the matter. And if you want to see last year’s Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf, over on the old blog, too, CLICK HERE!

My idea for the decor was that I wanted to combine strawberries and Valentine’s Day, because I’m from the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World, and we’re gearing up for berry season right now, which overlaps Valentine’s Day, too…so I wanted to do, “For the Love of Strawberries”. Here’s what I ended up with:


Let’s look at the details…


This banner is actually strawberries in the shape of a heart affixed to baker’s twine!


Just a combination of striped straws, a wine glass and a few strawberry necklaces here! I threw in the lace doily for affect!


I picked up some artificial strawberries (but don’t they look real?!) and added them to a small silver bucket I had.


I completed it with a silver tray and a pretty napkin!

And since lips and mustaches are a big deal these days…


…I had a little fun here! I kept a strawberry accent, though!


I also have this pretty lil’ wreath on the inside of the door, so folks are wished a “Happy Valentine’s Day” when they’re leaving!


So there ya have it!


I still think it needs something…but what? Any ideas?


105 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf!

  1. You did an amazing job … I love your beautiful decorations; especially because I had no idea that folk have Valentine’s Day shelves. Great! I learn new things daily.

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