And So…I’m Learning…

This has been a very odd week. (And dear Lord, it’s only Wednesday). So I thought I would write an odd post and share some of the things I’ve learned so far. Ten things, to be exact. Take note, why don’t ya?


1. My brain is like an interstate. There are lots of cars (or thoughts, or tasks or ideas), and they can go fast or slow or change lanes…but they all move at once. Until ONE car wrecks…and then it backs up the entire interstate. **SIGH**

2. Do a little bit every day. Even if you have 25 different projects, if you do a little bit of each one every day, you’ll start to see progress being made, and you won’t feel so far behind.

3. Make sure you stay on very good terms with your HOA, if you have one. Bake them cookies, send them flowers, whatever it takes.

4. Look for opportunities to do something nice for someone else. And then DO IT. No matter how small. Just do it. You will never know how much it might mean to them.

5. Back up your backup. And then back that one up, too.

6. Take time to walk outside and look at the stars.

7. Hold your family close.

8. Hide a spare key where you can always get to it if you get locked out.

9. Don’t burn your bridges.

10. Take the pain reliever when your head FIRST starts hurting – don’t wait.

How about you? What have YOU learned so far this week? Do share!


81 thoughts on “And So…I’m Learning…

  1. This week I’ve learned that action is the key to success, more so than anything else. As for your list, when I lived in TN, there was an older gentleman who lived across the street and everyone on our street left our house keys with him in case we got locked out. It gave us a sense of peace and him a sense of purpose! I miss him.

  2. I try to back up my important files to Dropbox, so if something horrible ever happens, I’ll have them. I like #4. It sounds slightly corny, but I like doing nice things for other people. Sometimes when they don’t even know it’s been done.

  3. Patience-I am a very patient person to begin with-but this week-this month actually I’ve learned extreme patience. With all the snow and bad weather I’ve been busy scheduling and re scheduling clients all over the place-

  4. I’m curious with what happened in #3? Actually, this was me at one point. Each point you’ve made here! I even lost a lot of my children’s baby pictures and other info because my hard drive crashed and no one can fix it. It’s irretrievable. 😦 But yes, we learn and hope it doesn’t happen again. But this week I’ve learned to stop and appreciate and enjoy EACH and EVERY moment of EVERY day . Especially with my children. Because when they say “mommy, you’re on the laptop too much and don’t play anymore,” it hurts.

    • Ah, #3: We are trying to have a fence put up, and they’re telling us it normally takes about 45 days to have it approved. I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT that long LOL So I’m trying to be as sweet as possible 🙂 and I think it’s working LOL I’m starting to wonder what else this will work with, ha! And yes, every moment is very important – you are so right!

  5. “Do a little bit every day.” I live by this! I think it’s the only way I can get through all my tasks in a day. It would be overwhelming to think of everything all at once!

  6. I agree with your #2 I have had to do a written list of things to do or buy from the smallest to the greatest… a school kid! But hey let’s see if it works and I have to look at it day by day and do a little at a time, if not I’ll feel an be so overwhelmed that I get depressed. Little by little is the clue and also yes! Cherish every day with your family and closed ones, that is where you can get your new strengths and joys (of course The Lord first). Thanks for sharing.

  7. This week – it’s more of really spending time with myself – release everything through workout and have an outlet during tough times.

  8. Oh, I love this list. Especially the HOA. I’ve never had one, but I’ve rarely heard them to actually make your life easier. I have learned not to leave the bathroom door open or butter on the table-my twins have managed to make a mess of both of them.

  9. Ok, I love number 10. If I don’t take my headache pill right away, then my headache gets too out of control and when I finally do take it, it doesn’t work.

  10. WE do not have the luxury of “tomorrow”. At least I have found out that “tomorrow” can be far too late. I do scheduled backups of my phone to my computer, also my tablet, then I backup the computer’s contents to two drives. One is kept in a fireproof safe. The other is in the drawer of my desk. Following this routine for the past ten years has saved me a great deal of grief.

    I believe in “pay it forward”. What I do for others, I do without the expectation of them doing anything or me. They get a pleasant surprise and I know that I am blessing them in some small way. It feels good, of course, but it also has the potential for changing people for the better. I have a very grumpy friend. For the first two years that I knew her, I had no idea that she was caring for her dying husband at home… I run her errands when I am going to town. At least once a month, I find a “relief’ caregiver to take over so that she can go out and do her personal errands: hair and nails, personal shopping, whatever. I invite her to dinner before she goes home. We never know what kind of problems others are dealing with, do we…

  11. Oh yes.. be nice at every opportunity.. even if you need to seek out a person or group to be nice to… do this first and always and good will always come back to you ten fold.. of course we don’t do it for that reason.. we do good because it feels right and feels good. If do this first, the other stresses and hurdles in life become so much easier to conquer. Great lessons … the back up……………. ummmmmmm … I live on the wild side… must find a friend to help with that!

  12. I’ve learned that last one to be very true. I used to think the start of a headache was eh…I can handle it, it’ll go away, and then bah-blam! A full fledged headache that knocked me out. I get migraines though, so I’ve long since learned to catch those babies in the bud. 🙂

  13. I love this list! Who doesn’t love lists? This one in particular is so full of wisdom, which comes from experience! I am really trying to focus on #2 which requires that I be organized and clear on what I am working on. #1 happens to me often, which drives the need for pain relievers. #4 is an on going personal project, so I am enjoying that one too!

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