When Tummies are Upset…think BRAT!

This past weekend I had a nasty spell with my Celiac’s Disease. If you’re not familiar with that, Celiac’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder (in which your immune system attacks itself instead of whatever is coming against it) and a severe allergy to wheat gluten. I’ll do a series on this in the future, but, for now, suffice it to say that if I accidentally get any wheat gluten in my system, the results are not pretty. Ever had food poisoning? Yeah. This is about twice as bad.

Anyways, normally I’m fine, except maybe a little spell here and there…but this one started last Friday and took me down for the count! And the pain was worse than I remember it being before. (I’m actually STILL in some pain today!) But at some point, you have to try to eat again so you can gain some strength back, and when I tried to eat, I couldn’t even finish a cheese stick. (Maybe not the BEST thing for me to eat, true, but it was what I had on hand that was small!)

Sunday and Monday, it didn’t matter what I put in my stomach…the pain was pretty much unbearable. There’s no point in eating if it’s gonna hurt that bad. And then, I remembered…

When I was little and I would have an upset stomach for anything, my mom always put me on the BRAT diet for a day or two. (No, not because I was sick and being a brat! HA!) The BRAT diet is simply a bland diet that consists of foods low in fiber.

BRAT is…

PicMonkey Collage 2

Yep, BRAT = Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast!

Some have also modified this diet, calling it BRATT (with tea), BRATTY (with tea and yogurt), or BRATCH (with boiled chicken). Sometimes the “T” also stands for tapioca!

I need to throw a “G” in mine somewhere, because one of the only things I can drink and stay hydrated with when I’m sick is Gatorade. How would that work? BRATG? BRAGT? GRABT? I don’t know…but you get the idea!

I already had the rice, but I grabbed some applesauce, gluten-free bread, bananas and Gatorade, and voila! The difference in how my stomach reacted to the BRAT diet was like night and day, thank goodness! And I wonder, why did I not remember this BEFORE?!

But when people saw me eating, they were wondering what on earth I was eating? It was then that I discovered that no everyone was familiar with the BRAT diet, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Have you tried it? Pros and cons? What is your go-to diet when your stomach is upset?


And over on Pinterest…

Pinterest has been keeping me very busy these days! And no, I’m not at all complaining! I try to pin for about 15 minutes each day, and of course, I pin things from blogging friends and from my blog, too! But I wonder if my technique is similar to anyone else’s? (In case you want to see for yourself, you can find me by CLICKING HERE!)

Here are my first 9 boards…

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.32.31 PM

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Like a Child

This post is an introspective one. It has nothing to do with cooking or organizing or cleaning…just life. I hope you enjoy it!

Another day filled with time frames, to-do lists and appointments. I wondered how I suddenly had so much to do? Funny how one day you just wake up and realize, oh my gosh, I’m an adult. Adult responsibilities, adult expectations, adult everything…I always thought it was so far away, so out of reach. Yet, there I was. There were things to be accomplished, and most importantly, on that day, errands to run.

Woman Making A List Of Things To Buy In A Shop

As I maneuvered smoothly into the parking spot closest to the door, I checked the clock and smiled in utter satisfaction. Seven a.m. sharp. Perfect. I would be one of the first customers in the store. I assumed the product I was after would be to the far left and almost on the back wall. No problem. I would breeze in and out in absolutely no more than five minutes.

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Pinterest Project Presented!

You all know I’m a huge fan of Pinterest! I like to share what works and what doesn’t from the various things I find there! Check out these previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE, if you want to see all the fun!

But I tried something new over the weekend, so, of course, I wanted to share! Have you seen this pin?


(You can find it over on my “Clean as a Whistle” Board on Pinterest!)

I mean, WOW! That’s pretty impressive, right?! (By the way, the above pin actually came from the lovely Lilly over at Listotic. If you’d like to see her original post, CLICK HERE!)

We have a tan microfiber couch and love seat just like this one…and the funny thing is that when my hubby spills something, he tries to clean it up with carpet stain remover. Which might actually work…except THEN you have a stain from the stain remover!

So we had a few actual stains…and then the “tried to clean this up before you saw it” stain…and then there was the stain from our Year’s Eve Party when one of our guests dumped an entire serving of grape soda on the couch…and then there was the stain from when Taffy the dog caught a beetle and played it to death on the love seat…you get the idea.

Although I would LOVE some new furniture (hint hint to my hubby if he’s reading this) to be honest, this set is only about 4 years old, so it’s still got some use left in it. I decided to try the above pin and see if it really worked or not.

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The Patriotic Holiday Shelf

First of all, Happy Memorial Day, all! For those who gave their lives, we are forever grateful. There is no way we could ever repay your sacrifice – so we do our best to live to make you proud. Thank you.

Second of all, fitting for today, it’s time for this year’s Patriotic Holiday Shelf!

I normally decorate the holiday shelf in a patriotic theme in time for Memorial Day, and leave it up through July 4. (That still leaves a little bit of a gap in between my Easter shelf and Memorial Day…but I haven’t quite figured out what to do with that yet!) So this year I kinda did an Easter/Spring shelf and it worked a little better. (Check it out HERE in case you missed it!)

But for now, here’s last year’s Patriotic Holiday Shelf (CLICK HERE!) and now…

This year’s!


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