New Product Review: Dei Fratelli Tomato Products!

**PLEASE NOTE: While Dei Fratelli DID provide me with these products to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

Some time ago, a company I was unfamiliar with contacted me and asked me if I would like to review their products! Tomato products, they said. Sounded good to me – I enjoy cooking with tomatoes, so I agreed. Not long after, a lovely box appeared on my doorstep.


As you can see, these were no dinky winky sample sizes – these were the full she-bang! Quality right off the bat!

Before I worked with the products, I did a bit more research on them. I found out that Dei Fratelli’s offerings are premium, all natural and gluten free! Picked at the peak of freshness, nutrients are sealed in the canned tomatoes only hours after being taken from the farm. Dei Fratelli canned tomatoes, tomato products and sauerkraut are manufactured by Hirzel Canning Company & Farm, a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company founded in 1923. Oh how I love a family-owned and operated company!

I decided to try the Italian-style chopped tomatoes in olive oil and herbs first. The color and consistency right out of the can? VERY impressive!


I mean, doesn’t that look amazing?!

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New Product Tryouts: Great Value Pot-Sized Linguine

You may remember this picture from a post I did here on the blog last week.


Look familiar?

Notice anything out of the ordinary?

How about now?


Do you notice that small blue box on the left? That’s my linguine. Such a small box, right? Check this out:


I accidentally came across this in the store, and, I’ll admit, first, I laughed. I laughed really hard. I mean, how lazy are we in this society that we can’t even be bothered to break up our pasta anymore?! Really!

And then I thought…well…I could at least blog on it. So I grabbed a box of it.

I am proud to report that this pasta fit into even my tiniest little pot with no issues whatsoever! And, although I never had anything against the full-sized long pasta, I must admit, I thought this short stuff was fantastic!

It even has a handy dandy measuring tool included!


So I decided that sometimes, it’s the little things in life. Literally and figuratively. While sure, it seems totally frivolous…it’s fun, and if you come across it in YOUR grocery store, you should try it out. Just for the heck of it!

Have you tried any pot-sized pasta?

New Product Tryouts: Progresso Recipe Starters

From time to time I see a new product on my grocery run that I want to try out. If the result is favorable and I think others would enjoy, then I share it with all of you! So, here we have the results of something new that I tried: Progresso Recipe Starters.

While I really enjoy cooking from scratch, sometimes our life simply doesn’t allow it! There are days when so much has happened that my only goal is to get something on the table that is healthier than fast food. I know that’s bad, but sometimes that’s just all I can muster up! Those are the days that I REALLY love a product like this one!

Progresso Recipe Starters come in five flavors: Creamy Parmesan Basil, Creamy Portabella Mushroom, Creamy Roasted Garlic, Creamy Three Cheese, and Fire Roasted Tomato. Each one offer a variety of recipes they can be placed in, for an easy, no-brainer meal.

I chose the Creamy Roasted Garlic flavor this time around and decided to make some Chicken Cordon Bleu!


You can see there on the package that it tells you everything you need. The only thing I personally didn’t have already in my stores at the house was the Swiss Cheese, so I remedied that quickly. Then I was all set.


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