Motivation for Your Monday

Normally, on Mondays, an “Over the Weekend” post pops up here! But, due to circumstances beyond my control, I can’t really post that today. No worries, though, I’ve got something different! How about some motivation for your Monday? Motivation for your Martin Luther King Day Monday, no less!

Follow along with my favorite motivational and inspirational quotes from the man himself, right here in one spot!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!


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Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Motivation for Your Monday

  1. I was still a kid when I heard about Martin Luther King, Jr. I lived in New York and never saw discrimination in my area. I am sure that it was there, but no one was brazen with it. I liked what this man was about. I liked what he had to say on racial equality because it was also applicable to every other circumstance and situation. He was courageous and brave. He was upstanding in society and he lived his faith in God. How I wish he was still alive today…

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